LAASSO is a celebration of life, womanhood and adventure.

LAASSO believes that good things take time. We create timeless accessories, clothing and objects for a slow pace of life.

We want women to celebrate themselves while wearing LAASSO. To feel elevated, feminine and more themselves when they wear our garments.

We view our customers as partners who are joining us in taking a stand against fast fashion. We believe that by supporting small brands where the integrity and welfare of everyone involved is taken into consideration that we can make a positive impact. 



Born in Calgary, Canada to a Portuguese father and a Trinidadian mother, Julia Khan Anselmo is passionate about living well, eating well, traveling and feeling beautiful.

For Julia, now based in Amsterdam, that translates to cycling around the city,  strolling through markets, and finding the ultimate picnic spot.

The brand’s beginnings were influenced by her own mother’s wardrobe—classic pieces that stood the test of time—and later, the textiles and tailors from her time spent abroad. 

When Julia is not designing for LAASSO she is cooking something delicious and bringing women together through Feisty Feast, an international event series.